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Expectations of Remote Learning

EPhoenix St. Peter Academy have established the following expectations of learning to ensure that all pupils and staff remain safe online.

  • All staff and pupils will be appropriately dressed.
  • Polite language always used.
  • Please check the background of videos before joining and ensure that these are always appropriate.
  • Please attempt to keep background noise to a minimum.
  • Mute your device if this is not possible.
  • Make sure you have an adult nearby to help with any technical issues and to supervise your use.
  • Remember to leave the session at the end when the lesson is complete.
  • Only accept invitations for meetings from your class teacher.
  • Do not create your own meetings.
  • Lessons should not be recorded and pictures should not be taken.
  • Your teacher will respond to any questions via Microsoft Teams but will not answer any calls.
  • Parents and pupils can send questions via the messaging function.
  • You can turn your camera off and microphone off at any point if this is necessary.