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Lockdown 4 - 4.01.2021 to 08.03.2021 (Whole School)


3rd March 2021 - Trust Letter from Sir Steve

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will know, the Prime Minister has announced that schools will re-open on Monday 8th March to all children, and we could not be more excited to welcome your children back to our schools.

Whilst we have endured the lockdown and the obstacles that have arisen, thanks to you as parents and our teachers and school staff, the children have kept learning. Our remote learning programme would not have worked without the tremendous and heroic effort of you, our parents. We know that home schooling your children is difficult. Many parents have been trying to do this whilst looking after younger siblings, your own work commitments, caring for grandparents and so on.

However, your approach and perseverance has been astounding and we applaud you. Whilst we all can’t wait for the children to be back in school, we know that many of you have worries and concerns too. We want to reassure you that we will be doing everything we can to make our academies as safe as possible and we will continue to follow all Government guidelines that we have now become accustomed to as part of school life.

Catching up on lost learning will of course be important. But even more important is ensuring that your children settle back in well, and that we focus on their wellbeing in the first instance as they adjust to the daily routine of being back in school. Some children will have had a very difficult time during lockdown and the staff within our schools will be on hand to support in any way that they can.

The next few weeks may once again, test us. But we have total confidence in your children – even though we have had to be physically distant, COVID has bound us even more tightly together and we look forward to building on those bonds. Thank you again for all your hard work in ensuring that your children have had the best possible learning experience over the past few weeks and months.

Warm regards,

Sir Steve Lancashire,

26th February 2020 - School Re-Opening Update from Head

Dear Parents and Carers,

Just ahead of the weekend, I wanted to provide an update for you.

There will be no live lessons on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th March. Work will be provided for those children still learning at home, but I have asked that all staff are in school to help set up for the full return of all children to school the following Monday.

Primary Age Children do not have to wear face coverings, but I ask you all do when dropping off or collecting your children. I guess we are all accustomed to this now. Try to socially distance on the playground and avoid gathering in small groups please and follow the one-way system marked by the silver line. I know you know this, but I am politely reminding you, that’s all. Also, please do not turn up at school unannounced. If you need an appointment, a socially distanced one can be arranged on site. We would however, in the short term, prefer phone calls or Zoom. To be honest, I am looking forward to having meetings the old-fashioned way, talking face to face but that is still a few weeks away yet. I’ll be fine when I don’t have to have Zoom Meetings.

All children entitled to free school meals will continue to receive that offer, nothing has changed there. I will be keeping a close eye on attendance. Children have been subject to so much disruption, it is critical they attend school each day unless they feel unwell or must self-isolate, having been in contact with someone testing positive. If children are in contact with a person displaying symptoms, it is recommended a test is booked.

Children need to come back in school uniform but do not over wash it, there is no need. They will also handwash often and continue to practice good hand hygiene as a part of everyday life, doing so after they arrive, at breaktimes then before and after eating.

We will be able to teach remotely if a bubble is required to close, but like me, if we are sensible, that should not have to happen. I hope not.

There is much guidance from the DfE (Department for Education) and many things are still not allowed, such as trips and visits, school performances and assemblies. Many schools have held Zoom or Teams assemblies, even You Tube, so I will explore ways to do that.

If any staff member receives a Shielding Letter, as they may be deemed CEV (Clinically Extremely Vulnerable), we will make adjustments that ensure your child can still attend school. Any CEV staff, lawfully, are not allowed to come into school but that will not affect your child; they will be coming back to the school setting.

Some children received laptops from school, which we in turn received from the Academy Trust as part of their DfE batch of devices. These must be returned to school as they are classed as a ‘public asset.’ Once back in school, we will clean them and have them ready for use here, as opposed sitting unused.

We will take Breakfast Club bookings from Tuesday 2nd March and Mrs Gillings will assist you with that. You can book via Arbor but if you would rather speak to the office, do so from Tuesday please. We do not propose to resume any After-School Clubs just yet. I want to reintroduce these after the Easter Break.

The plan is simple and that is to have a happy three weeks from Monday 8th March until Friday 26th March. At that time, there follows a two-week Easter Holiday then hopefully a gradual, then more swift return to normality and a great Summer Term. At the time of the Easter Break we will review what went well and what needs to be improved for the Summer Term alongside updated guidance from the DfE, if there is any.

There will be more from me next week when I will confirm the timings for the start and end of the school day. Much will probably be the same as before but just give me a bit more time and I will write again, probably on Tuesday with the plan being to send out a visual guide and individual family letters, again, in the way you had before. To keep things super simple, we are not proposing to make many, if any, changes to the staggered starts and maintain them in the way you all adjusted to earlier in the school year.

We are available to discuss any anxieties or concerns you may have. There is no issue that would be deemed small or trivial, everything is important, and you will be listened to, that is our duty and we are happy to engage in such conversations.

I will sign off for now as there’s quite a lot of information for you to digest and will be back in touch on Tuesday next week.


Rich Roberts
Interim Headteacher

23rd February 2021 - School Update from Head

Dear Parents and Carers,                                                           

I thought I would write to you immediately after Boris Johnson’s announcement in Parliament yesterday followed later in the evening by his Downing Street Briefing.

You will not be surprised to hear that I am delighted we can welcome back all children. It is likely there will be much speculation in the media, perhaps focussing on the thoughts of teaching unions, that schools may be put under pressure to make this work. Let me assure you we will do outmost to make this work and I’m happily confident about Monday 8th March. Whilst there is still a view in some pockets of the country that schools are shut, we haven’t been. We have remained open allowing access to some, though not all. Please accept that as a parent myself, I would not be putting my own safety in jeopardy by working in an unsafe environment. The school is a safe place and though we can never eliminate risk from any walk of life, as Professor Chris Whitty said, the evidence is now overwhelming that children must be in school.

Later today I will attend a REAch2 Headteacher Briefing on Zoom (where else!) to ascertain the picture across the Academy Trust. I will follow this up with staff meetings in school and ongoing meetings with members of the Senior Leadership Team this week. Meetings will not be exhaustive as actions are more important than words. The Department for Education has published a 67-page guidance document as well which I will have to read.

Without confirming anything just yet, it is likely we will return to staggered starts and retain bubbles. Lateral Flow Tests will continue to be available for school staff and we will aim to restart Breakfast Club as soon as children return and will take bookings later in the week. I will continue to update you throughout the next few days ahead of Monday 8th March.

Whilst I write, apologies for yesterday’s IT problems. For once, the fault was not mine. There was an IT Upgrade and I am told “these things can take time.” Credit to Miss Khatri who assisted the two IT Technicians who arrived on site yesterday to attempt to speed things up. Rightly or wrongly, we are so heavily reliant on IT and cloud-based systems; it can feel debilitating when technology presents a few glitches. I spent much of yesterday staring at an unresponsive screen, but I think we got there in the end. Please bear with us if glitches re-occur.

I will be in touch again later in the week once I know more and have plans in place, but this really is good news for us all.

With best wishes,

Rich Roberts
Interim Headteacher

12th February 2021 - School Update from Head

Dear Parents and Carers

Just a brief letter from me today and it is only to build on the lines written in the Newsletter. Remote Learning is hard and we have to keep motivated to do it for a couple more weeks after half term. To do so, please give yourself and the children a break over the next few days, it is vital to recharge and though many of us are confined to our homes for large parts of the day, try do different things if possible.

Let me just very briefly talk about Covid-19, though only to ask that if you do come into contact with someone testing positive, or indeed (and I hope not) test positive yourself, please inform school using

I do not often issue instructions to colleagues as they are professional people in a professional environment but I have stressed they must have downtime too, that’s for those at home and those at school. I must commend the work of school-based staff who have been in the building over the past few weeks, working tirelessly for those children we have been allowed to accommodate. At times though, school is eerily quiet and I want the buzz of conversation back in the corridors and classrooms soon. I may have said this already, or words to that effect.

Again, the snow photos and videos were great and I am glad children could be children and have the opportunity to play in the wintry weather. That said, Spring is edging nearer, and at my age, that is something I do look forward to!

I will be in touch again shortly after we resume. I might have mentioned this before, but the Prime Minster has talked about a February 22nd announcement. With luck, I will therefore write again on February 23rd.

Best wishes,

Rich Roberts
Interim Headteacher

10th February 2021 - Free School Meal Vouchers for Half Term

Dear Parents and Carers

You will have received an email from Edenred for your half term vouchers.

Thank you,
The School Office

8th February 2021 - Bad Weather School Closure Update from Head

Dear Parents and Carers

I have taken the difficult decision to close school tomorrow. Whilst this may not be necessarily popular for those adults relying on school opening, the ongoing weather conditions, site access and safety along with the availability of staff means we do not have the capacity to open. I am sorry.

The plan is to do everything to be open on Wednesday and for the remainder of the week. If this changes I will try to give you as much notice as possible.

As a society we continue to be tested and this is tricky once again.

I am going to ask teachers to pause live lessons tomorrow and resume on Wednesday. In normal circumstances, trying to recall how that looked, a ‘snow day’ would constitute very little learning. I am not suggesting that! However, for one day, let’s think a bit differently. Teachers will, as many have done today, ask your children to be creative and imaginative if playing in the snow. I am pausing live lessons because our children, over the past 12 months, have lived through endless restrictions in the way we didn’t have to as children ourselves. Remote learning and new technology allows us to access learning 24/7, but is that really the right way forward? So, tomorrow, I do want, indeed expect, children to have learning opportunities, but if they can do so safely, I’d like them to enjoy the snow as well. Who knows when it will be back? (I hope it isn’t next week or I will look foolish, though it is ‘officially’ half term I guess). Again, this may not be popular but in current circumstances, and it may be difficult to please everybody, I have based my decisions on hoping to do the best for the children in our community.

It goes without saying I wish that we are all back in very soon and you have my word, we will do our utmost to have on site schooling back in place for Wednesday, along with the resumption of live lessons.

 Best Wishes,

Rich Roberts
Interim Headteacher

8th February 2021 - Bad Weather School Closure to Key Worker Children

Dear Parents/Carers

Due to the weather today school is closed. A decision will be made about tomorrow later on today.

Whilst the school is closed today remote learning will continue as normal. Please could the children continue to log on as normal.

If you have any queries please contact us via the School e-mail

Thank you,

4th February 2021 - School Update from Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you are all well. Over the past couple of weeks I have been able to ‘drop in’ on lessons over Microsoft Teams. May I genuinely thank you for helping your child to access the teaching in such complex times. Children are showing great levels of independence but at the same time, often need a bit of guidance and persuasion, thank you. I will continue to ‘drop in’ over the next few days and it is refreshing to see children, staff and families giving it their best.

Based on the Prime Minister’s comments yesterday evening at the Downing Street Press Conference, it seems highly unlikely we will be returning in full until 8th March. It must be stressed this date has been offered by Boris Johnson as the ‘earliest possible,’ nothing more. This means we have another week of Remote Learning, before half term. School will then be fully closed for the February Half Term Break which the Department for Education recently confirmed. We will then resume on Monday 22nd February for hopefully, no more than 2 weeks of remote learning. I understand there will be a statement about school reopening on that day; we shall see. Whether it is full, partial or phased is something I simply do not know. Please believe me when I say that you often here this news just at the same time I do. It is easy to be critical of government but the past 12 -13 months have thrown up such difficulties to say the least, I suspect on school reopening, they just want to get it undeniably right.

It is possible teachers may set a few activities and tasks over the half term break, but these will be optional. I know some children tell staff they are doing a little extra. Nobody has to of course, but the enthusiasm is wonderful and many parents, particularly those of our youngest children, are sending in great photos and videos of their learning in action. I do watch them! I am also impressed how tech savvy Y6 are and that all children remain so calm when there are technical glitches, they take it in their stride.

As I mentioned last week, try to maintain a balance. Each day will be different and trust me once again, that from personal experience, there are ups and downs within the day! This is absolutely normal. Keep communicating with us when we get it right, or the times when we don’t. Like you, we are fallible and if something isn’t quite right, get in touch and we can constructively talk it over.

The weather forecast is very chilly and quite snowy for Sunday and early into next week. We will make sure the paths and access routes into school are gritted for safety for those children and adults who are allowed to come into the building. It may be that over the weekend, you can enjoy the snow! The weather forecasters seem very confident so do not blame me if it just rains!

I will speak again soon,

With Best Wishes,

Rich Roberts
Interim Headteacher

28th January 2021 - School Update from Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

Yesterday you may have heard Boris Johnson make a series of announcements, one of course stood out for us and that concerned the reopening, or not, of schools.

For many of you, there will be a weary acceptance, tinged with disappointment as we continue to live through tricky times. For others however, it may have been the news you wanted but I know, despite everyone’s efforts, school is the best place for children to learn. Knowing this is still some way off could be frustrating for many.

We are following DfE instructions in setting the amount of work we do. We want children to have as much access to learning as we can provide in school, for those few allowed, and at home for the majority of you. Let me acknowledge I know home schooling brings its challenges.

To date, I am delighted with the way you, as parents, have tried to support your child. In normal circumstances we would rely on parents for help with homework from time to time, and the basics such as Reading. Today, we are heavily reliant on you being an integral part of teaching, helping facilitate the process, particularly for those of you with younger children. I admire the way you do this, in many cases juggling shift patterns, home working, overseeing who has ‘which device’ at which time and at the same time, maintaining a household from Breakfast until Bedtime. It is a staggering amount.

Please believe me when I understand there will be ups and downs (I am a parent of a Year 4 and Year 7 and we all have experiences to share!). Some days will be better than others. Each day will fluctuate. There may be times when it is simply unfeasible to access the learning and a strong tea or coffee and several chocolate biscuits is a good remedy. As adults, we are sometimes ‘in the zone,’ and sometimes we simply are not. Children will do this, just like us. I want you to hear from me that I fully support you and please keep giving your best to the children which may mean some down time and flexibility within the week. One day may see hours of concentration, the following may not. On tougher days, even just one piece of work would be a great result! Please keep communicating with us in the constructive way you have.

On Monday, Mrs Barnard, Miss Khatri and I will meet to discuss the current ‘Remote’ and ‘in school’ learning offer and amongst other things, discuss any tweaks that may be required as this routine will be with of us for a bit longer. I wish all children were in, and I want to meet more of you face to face.

On that final part, I hope I get more opportunity to do so as I have been asked to stay as your child’s Headteacher until the end of the academic year. The new Headteacher who will start permanently this year, will now do so in September. This is simply down to the difficult process of relocating during a global pandemic. House moves can take time in normal situations, more so right now.

I’m delighted to have been asked to stay with you through the remainder of the school year which continues to test us all.

However, each day that passes brings us a little closer to being a school community once again, learning together within these four walls.

In the style of old fashioned teachers, “keep trying your best.”


Richard Roberts
Interim Headteacher

18th January 2021 - Update on Free School Meal Vouchers

Dear Families

To those of you that are entitled to free school meals (Benefits related), vouchers have now been assigned to your e-mail address we have on our records. Please check your e-mails as soon as possible (junk also just in case it's gone in there!) and follow any instructions. The voucher for this week is from a company called Wonde.

From tomorrow onwards school packed lunches/hot dinners will NO LONGER be available. Please ensure your send your child in with a home packed lunch if they are currently attending school.

The Government have now implemented a Free School Meal voucher programme and next week you will receive your vouchers through a company called Edenred. This is the company the Government used during the first lockdown in March.

Any further information you require please contact us at

Thank you,
The School Office

8th January 2021 - School Update re: Communication & Staying Safe Online

Dear Parents,

Safeguarding pupils while remote learning – guidance

If any of our pupils need to self-isolate due to COVID-19, or where there are local restrictions or indeed national lockdowns that require pupils to remain at home, schools should offer access to remote education. It is important to us that this education is safe and is of a high quality. This guidance tells you how we will work safely with your children while providing remote learning, and how we will support both staff and pupils to stay safe.

Even though your child won’t be learning in the classroom in the normal way, the language, resources and materials used to support their learning will be similar to those that would have been used to teach in the classroom, and they will be appropriate to the age and level of understanding that your child has. Remote learning will be delivered in the safest and most effective way possible, and every possible step will be taken to promote the safety of our pupils throughout this process.

Our usual school policies that keep pupils and staff safe – including the safeguarding and child protection policy, the staff code of conduct, the pupil behaviour policy, and the online safety policy – still apply while children are learning remotely, and staff will respond to any concerns about a pupil in line with these policies. During remote learning, if you have any concerns about the safety of your child, or about any other child in our school, please immediately contact the school and ask to speak to a member of the leadership team.

Communication with parents/carers

It is vitally important that we have good communication with our parents/carers during any period of remote learning. We need to speak to you regularly in order to assess your child’s progress in learning as well as to provide support, advice and check on safety and wellbeing. In order to do this safely, the following principles apply.

  • Parents/carers will receive guidance to explain how remote learning should be accessed, what resources will be used and how (including where learning will take place online), which staff will be working with your children and overseeing their learning, how work will be marked, and how you and your child will receive feedback about their learning.
  • This guidance will also explain how we expect pupils to behave during their time of accessing remote learning, particularly if learning is taking place online. We appreciate the full support of parents/carers in upholding these expectations.
  • Any communication between school and parents/carers will take place within usual school business hours, which are 8am – 5pm. It is acknowledged that, in exceptional circumstances, communication may need to take place outside of these hours, i.e. in response to a concern about a pupil’s safety.
  • Staff will only communicate with you using devices (phone, laptop, tablet) issued by school, and using approved school platforms and accounts, i.e. school email, Microsoft Teams.
  • Communication between school and parents/carers must be professional at all times, and should show dignity and respect to everyone involved.
  • If communication is live via video, i.e. via Zoom, we ask parents/carers to consider the best and most suitable place for them to communicate with school staff from. If possible, the more personal and private areas of the house, i.e. bedroom, should be avoided. Parents/carers are also respectfully asked to be fully dressed in normal daytime wear during any live video communication.
  • There will be regular opportunities for communication between school and parents/carers to allow you ask to ask questions, feedback about your child’s learning, raise any concerns, and seek any support that is required.

Safeguarding pupils if they are learning online

Many schools are choosing to deliver part or all of their remote learning via the Internet. Our chosen platform for this is Office 365 Education. You and/or your child will have received your own unique account to this platform, which is for your use or your child’s use, and should not be shared or used by anyone else.

Our staff have received training to help them to deliver remote learning on this platform safely and effectively, and as part of our approach to remote learning we will adhere to Government-endorsed safety guidance from the NSPCC that two members of staff will be present when any live video communication is taking place. In exceptional circumstances, it may be appropriate for a member of staff to work alone with your child during live video communication, but this will only take place with prior permission from parents/carers and school leaders, and where an appropriate risk assessment has taken place.

We have also taken additional steps to ensure that only the right people can use our platform, and use it in the right way. You may notice that some features have been removed or restricted – this helps us to ensure that everyone can stay safe if they are learning online.

Support for parents/carers to help keep their child safe while remote learning

This may be a period of uncertainty and worry for both you and your child. Try to help them structure their day and their week in a similar way to how it is structured at school, with allocated time for learning, rest and play. Help them to see the importance of getting up and going to bed at a regular time, and getting properly dressed in the morning, even though they aren’t coming to school. If it is possible, encourage them to have a separate space for learning, somewhere different to where they rest and play, which will help them keep to a good routine.

The Government has produced a useful guide for parents/carers to help keep their children safe online when at home. It explains some of the known risks that children face when they are online, and helps parents/carers to understand what steps they should take to keep their children safe. It also signposts different resources that parents/carers and children can use to help them if a problem does occur. Please access this guide by clicking here.

Whilst your child is learning at home, we will continue to share information with you in our newsletters and email updates, which regularly contain safeguarding and online safety information. Our staff will also ensure that, when pupils are expected to access remote learning via the Internet, regular reminders for online safety are shared and discussed. This will follow the Government expectations for the curriculum on online safety, where pupils are expected to learn about ‘the 3 Cs’: online content (what you see and hear), online contact (who you communicate with) and online conduct (how you behave)

Other information

If your child has been allocated a school laptop to support with their home learning, you will receive separate information and forms to sign to explain how this can be used and when it should be returned. Please make sure you have signed and completed the forms prior to your child starting their use of the laptop.

I know there is a lot of information contained within this letter so please use it to refer to when you feel necessary.

Best Wishes,

Rich Roberts
Interim Headteacher

7th January 2021 - Remote Learning Update

Dear Parents and Sarers,

On Monday 11th January, we will be launching our online remote learning offer. The recent government guidelines for all schools’ states that while schools are closed, the following must take place:

  • At primary school – a minimum of 3 hours per day of remote learning.
  • Provide frequent lessons delivered by a teacher. 
  • Check and give feedback on work provided by pupils at least weekly and contact parents where this is a concern.

From Monday 11th we will be starting live lessons on Microsoft Teams where children will be able to see their class teacher and have lessons daily with their friends. They will also have some lessons to complete independently like Geography and Art.

Timings for online learning have been posted on Microsoft Teams. You can use many different devices to access these lessons including laptops, tablets, phones, PlayStation and Xboxes. It is vital that whilst schools are closed, that children’s education does not continue to fall further behind.

Class teachers are working hard in planning lessons that continue the learning that they would have been doing had schools been open. Class teachers will upload lessons so that pupils can watch these later if they are not able to access a device at this time.

Please do contact the school if you have any questions. Expectations of online learning can be found on the next page. I know that this is a difficult time for many families and as a school we will do our best to support in any way we can.

Please do contact the school if you have any questions or concerns at any time,

Best wishes,

Miss Khatri, Wagtails Class Teacher & Assistant Head

6th January 2021 

Dear Parents/Carers

School is currently open to children of keyworkers and by offer from the school.  We are able to offer these children a space in our Breakfast Club.  If you wish to take up a place please contact us either by phone or email the school office at:-

Provision is still available for pupils of keyworkers, if you haven’t already requested a place for your child in school, please contact us.

We are also able to offer school packed lunches OR a hot meal including a jacket potato option for those children who are currently in school. For those that normally pay, the price is still £2.30/day.

Finally, If your child is entitled to a free school meal, we are also able to make up a school packed lunch for you to come and collect daily. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Rich Roberts
Interim Headteacher

5th January 2021 - Remote Learning, Free School Meals & Safeguarding

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will be aware, the government announced at 8pm on Monday 4th January, we will be entering another national lockdown with immediate effect.  This means that schools will be closed to most pupils, other than vulnerable pupils and children of key workers, effective from today. Please email if you require a place. This arrangement is expected to last up until the February half-term break. In normal circumstances, school would have closed for this holiday on Friday 12th February, 2021.

The school will therefore be closed throughout this half term and we must make appropriate arrangements for your child’s education. 

Home Learning Packs are available this week. Next week, we hope to provide remote education for pupils at home from Monday. More detail on that one will be sent towards the end of this week in a separate letter.

Keeping Pupils Safe

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our children and community.   Although we are really looking forward to the opportunity to see as many of our children as possible again, we must follow government guidance to keep children and families as safe as possible. 

When the government confirms that schools in this area are allowed to open fully again, we will carry out a full risk assessment and open at the earliest possible opportunity but only when the government allows us to do so.

Face-to-Face Education

As stated, though the school will be closed, we will still be able to provide face-to-face education for the following pupils who will be expected to attend school:

  • Children of critical workers
  • Vulnerable pupils: those with an EHCP, with a Social Worker, or other pupils deemed as potentially vulnerable due to personal circumstances.

Some parents have already requested places for such children. Either later today, or tomorrow, we will contact those parents again and ask that you inform us which days you require ‘in school face to face learning.’ Every Wednesday we will ask you to complete a very short form and ask this is returned no later than the Friday. This allows us to plan the required staffing structure for the following week.

Free School Meals

For this week, the school kitchen will provide packed lunches for all those children eligible and whose parents have requested them. More details will follow later in the week to explain what will happen throughout the rest of January and into February.

Keeping Pupils Safe – Staying in Touch

Although the school will not be open for all pupils, we still want to stay in touch with you so that we can support our families. Please regularly check the Marvellous Me and Arbor App for updates and of course, we are only a phone call away (01502 574586) or if you prefer,

And finally…

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support in such tricky times.  We know that the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic are not yet over, but with your help we are determined to continue to do the very best for all our children throughout this difficult time.

As you would expect, we will evaluate the learning provision on a weekly basis and there may be subtle changes going forward, based on what is working well, and perhaps, what isn’t.

Thank you so much for your help this morning and as I said, we are only a phone call away. If there are questions then you must get in touch and we will endeavour to help to the best of our ability.

Yours sincerely,

Rich Roberts
Interim Headteacher


5th January 2021 - School Update

Dear Parents/Carers

This is a very fast moving situation and like you, I found out at 8pm yesterday that things would change.

We will sort out more information later today but Remote/On-line learning will start from next Monday, 11th January 2021.

For this week Home Learning Packs will be available late this morning either e-mailed, downloaded via Microsoft Teams or if you wish, physically collect them later but please let us know if you intend to collect in person.

Please be patient with us as we try to organise things as quickly as possible.

Yours sincerely

Rich Roberts
Interim Headteacher

4th January 2021 - School Closure (National Lockdown)

Dear Parents,

With apologies for such short notice, this evening Boris Johnson announced that all Primary Schools will close for the foreseeable future. This means that unless you are a key worker or your child is in receipt of an EHCP or you are currently supported by social services, children must stay at home.

This is a fast-moving situation and we will provide more detail in terms of Home Learning in the morning.

Please contact if you are lawfully allowed to send your child to school and wish to do so.

Rich Roberts

Interim Headteacher