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Phoenix St. Peter Remembers

Poignant poems, artwork and songs were shared as pupils and staff at a Lowestoft-area primary school paid their respects to those who have lost their lives in battle.

Remembrance Day was marked at Phoenix St. Peter Academy in Lowestoft last Friday (November 11).

A "very special assembly" was held at the school on Enstone Road, Lowestoft with Paul Tabiner and Phil Meaden from Lowestoft Rotary Club attending as special guests.

A school spokesman said: "The whole school remembered the suffering and sacrifices made by so many families in our, and other Commonwealth countries, during the World Wars and other conflicts."

With School Council members having volunteered to sell poppies for the Royal British Legion to support current ex-service people and their families, this volunteering was part of the school's value of kindness.

The school spokesman added: "Children from Year 3 sang the poignant song, ‘Refuge’ with guidance from Lianne Buck the music leader.

Children in all classes performed in the assembly and created art to commemorate Remembrance which has been displayed around the school.

"Senior site manager, Leigh Smith, also an ex-serviceman, created a centrepiece memorial for the school hall," the spokesman added.

As part of the school’s PSHE and assembly programme children have also reflected on the impact that war has on us today - and in particular the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Members of the School Council had previously organised a special summer assembly and fundraising for those affected in Ukraine.

Co-ordinator of the assembly, Mrs Terri Freeman, deputy headteacher, said: "This week, everyone in our school community has remembered the great courage and kindness shown by so many in the service of our country.

"These are two of our school values which we foster in all our children."