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After School Clubs

Details of current Clubs are provided below.

Enrichment is an important part of our curriculum and school life at Phoenix St. Peter Academy and we are pleased to be able to start a cautious return to after school clubs following the pandemic, which we hope to develop further through 22/23.

Breakfast Club sessions will increase by 25p per child to £2.25, per morning. We feel this still represents excellent value for our parents and an enjoyable, engaging start to the day for the children.

ESCape! Club sessions will increase by 50p to £3.50 per child, per afternoon.

All After-School Clubs will have a contribution to ensure that children who really wish to attend and commit to the club do so. After-School Clubs which are run by our amazing Teaching Assistants will cost £1.00 per week, per club. 

Phoenix Karate Club will cost £2.00 per week, which is excellent value for martial arts coaching.

Children eligible for Free-School Meals will NOT incur any charge for clubs, as we receive additional funding to support those children and families. We would encourage all parents to check their eligibility if you think you may be entitled. The link to Suffolk County Council’s FSM page is below.

Clubs will rotate on a half termly basis to enable different children to enjoy the clubs. Some clubs will not run on certain days, depending on when there are school holidays or staff training days.

  1. Autumn 1 – 7 weeks
  2. Autumn 2 – 7 weeks
  3. Spring 1 – 6 weeks
  4. Spring 2 – 6 weeks
  5. Summer 1 – 6 weeks
  6. Summer 2 – 7 weeks

All After-School Clubs will be limited to 12 children, with the exception of Mr. Russell’s Sports Clubs which will be limited to 20 children and Phoenix Karate Club which is unlimited with two instructors.


An After-School Club registration form will be sent in the holidays via Arbor email for parents to register their children.  You will be asked to pay any fees by the 10th September, unless your child is eligible for free school meals. This fee will be added to your Parent Account on Arbor under Clubs.

We hope that our families and children will appreciate the need for us to cover our staffing and resourcing costs, and look forward to our fun-filled clubs next year.

Our After School Club Timetable for 2022/2023 can be found at the bottom of this page.