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Core Values

Alongside our mission statement runs our core values; we have all committed to live by these core values and we explore them though our learning, our behaviours and our relationship with the community.
We are pleased to present our Core Values to you below...


Our core value of Aspiration is for every child to become... 
  • the very best they can be,
  • to achieve the very best they can,
  • and to lead fulfilled, happy and healthy lives.


Our core value of Courage is for every child to develop...
  • a sense of self, their value and worth,
  • personal courage and morale compass,
  • and to become good citizens in their community.


Our core value of Creativity is for every child to value...
  • an enjoyment in arts including drama, art, music, dance and expression,
  • their creative and entrepreneurial selves,
  • and to celebrate their individual selves.


Our core value of Kindness is for every child to value...
  • positive friendships and role models,
  • diversity, compassion, empathy and kindness,
  • themselves, their friends and the world around them.