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Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 our aim is to consolidate the learning from previous years and prepare children for the next stage in their education. 

Each year group follows a unit that has been planned through our ‘Horizon Curriculum’ which lasts for a number of weeks in order to develop skills and subject knowledge. Within each unit, the teacher plans for learning opportunities using children’s previous knowledge and their interests. The units will cover elements of the national curriculum but are fundamentally designed to incorporate all aspects of learning where possible.

The School Day

After registration, children take part in their reading lesson. These lessons mostly work on reading comprehension skills and vocabulary development but there are also opportunities to explore new texts and to develop subject knowledge through their reading. Where needed, children are supporting in completing their phonics learning to ensure they are able to access reading at the appropriate level. 

After a 30-to-40-minute reading lesson, children take part in our English lesson. We use a ‘Talk 4 Writing’ approach to our writing which means the children learn a model text which shows them a great example of the type of text they will be writing (for example, a set of instructions or a suspense story). Once children are completely fluent with this model text, we look at the grammar and language needed to write the type of text being focused on. Children then write their own version of the text with the support of the teacher, basing it closely on the model text. Finally, children are given the opportunity to create their own version of the text, demonstrating all of the skills they have been practising in previous lessons. 

As children prepare to move on to secondary school, it is vital that we give children the reading skills to access the all parts of the curriculum. As reading is at the heart of our curriculum, we ask for your support in hearing your child read every night at home (remember to write this in the reading log). Each child that reads every night at home has the chance of being the ‘Reading Champion’ in their class that week and will be entered into the raffle to win a book! 


Please ensure that your child’s reading log is in school every day with their reading book. Older children can be encouraged to fill in the reading log themselves which can then be signed by an adult at home. 

Children are taught mental maths skills daily in our ‘daily practice’ session as well as Maths sessions that link to the national curriculum. White Rose planning and resources allow us to meet the needs of all of our mathematicians! 

During the afternoons children are able to apply their Maths and English skills in their Horizon lessons. These may either focus on Science, History, Geography. Religious Education, Design & Technology or Art depending on the unit that they are studying. Computing, PE (Physical Education), PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) and Music are all taught in weekly discrete sessions. Children have weekly Library sessions where they can choose a book to share with you at home. 


At the beginning of each new unit of learning, children will be asked to complete some pre-loading homework. This homework should enable children to think about previous learning and knowledge around the topic as well as encourage them to research new ideas and build a base for their learning. 

Children may also be asked to practise times tables at home to support them in making good progress in their maths lessons.