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Parent Testimonials

We think our school is pretty amazing and so do our children and families!..
If you would like to provide a Testimonial we would love to hear from you!

Lucy T-G
I love how much my children love the school. They run into school in the morning and talk passionately about their day at the end of it and what they've learnt. They love their teachers and their classes and get excited about their learning. I have first hand experience of volunteering in the school and see from the other side the blood sweat and tears the teachers/TA's etc pour into the children and it pays off. Thank you Phoenix. My small acorns are growing into confident bigger oak trees.x


Tiffany C-S
I love how approachable and fantastic all the teachers are, they communicate well and liaison with home troubles to find a solutions that have helped my daughters x


Lorraine D
I love how supportive the office and the staff are to me, I have a lot of health issues and they've been nothing but supportive of me and my son. The mornings are chaotic for me my daughter goes to Penguins and with Covid, the times were making me wait 30 mins around. I have mobility issues and struggled. The school rang and arranged so my son could go into the school around the same time as my daughter went to nursery, so I no longer had to stand. I can't praise this school enough for all the help you have given us. But most importantly my son has settled in lovely, it's nice to see his confidence grow and flourish ♡


Rebecca B
I love how amazing and patient the staff all are with D 🥰


Kelly H
I'm very grateful for the continued support from staff during a very difficult period for my daughter. Thank you for offering support, despite being extremely busy, and for doing all that you can to help. All of the staff, kitchen, office, teaching, LSA's and all support staff really care about the Phoenix community.


Hayley L
I love that my children continue to learn consistently and are happy within the school.