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Pupil Premium Funding

Please find our Pupil Premium Strategies and Pupil Premium Impact Statements below.
At Phoenix St. Peter Academy our goal is to raise the attainment of disadvantaged children of all abilities with a sustained focus on improving their life chances, so that they may reach their potential regardless of their socio-economic status, family circumstances or cultural background.  We want all children to benefit from our inclusive ethos, excellent teaching and a broad and balanced curriculum that is well sequenced and underpinned by strong leadership.  

At Phoenix St. Peter Academy our staff team work diligently to close the gap in attainment between those children deemed ‘disadvantaged’ and those that are non-disadvantaged, we do this through the implementation of our REMEDY strategy: 

REMEDY – Reading, English, Maths, Early Help, Different learning for individuals and Youth Services i.e. YMCA 

This strategy focuses on improving every child’s ability to read, working closely with families to support reading at home and encouraging a love of reading. We aspire for children to produce high quality English and Maths work that is age appropriate or specifically personalised to their needs and stage of development.  At the same time, we focus on supporting children’s well-being and health along with their emotional needs; including the improvement of children’s conduct and learning behaviours at school.   We recognise the importance of excellent attendance and punctuality and our team works with families to ensure that our children are in line with or exceed national average trends.  Where appropriate, we engage a wide range of external services that can support families, for example improving a child’s self-esteem or attendance or helping them come to terms with significant life events.   

As a staff team we identify personal and academic barriers to learning and provide support and solutions to ensure better progress and attainment. This support is personalised and interventions are tracked over time to measure their impact and suitability for the next phase of support. 

As a team, working with families we always aim to find ways of moving learning forward in a supportive and caring way.  

Working together we can and do make a huge difference to children’s futures!